Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Snake eggs

Nature has a way of working out her own balance,pharmaceutical company's would have you believe that they are the only ones that have solutions to problems, be it mice, slugs, aphids or flea beetle, big pharma has the cure.
Well so does mother nature, today's find was a large clutch of grass snakes eggs, in fact it looks as though it is probably two clutches of eggs together, these when they hatch and grow will feed on the mice and voles which are being a real pain in the garden.
Also found today were a couple of lizard eggs, great to control small slugs and aphids. There is also have a great population of both the common toad, the midwife toad and we think also the natter-jacks, there are also two permanent pool frogs who live in the pond.
So who needs big pharma?


We had a drive up into the mountains mainly to get away from the intense heat although we live at an altitude of 620mts a few extra metres makes a lot of difference, I use the term a few lightly, the mountain we explored was in fact 1000mts. The air was cool, well actually it was cold and blowing a gale but it was refreshing.It did try to rain, without success although there were plenty of storm clouds but it was beautiful and made for some nice photos.