Sunday, 23 January 2011

Spring is coming

There are definite signs that spring is not far away, last week we saw the first storks , we will look forward to watching them building new nests and repairing the old nests, then seeing the heads of the young appearing and then their first flights.
We had the first goose egg of the season laid today, hopefully they will lay a nice clutch and sit them, then we will have goose to eat again.
Nature is such a lovely thing to watch, we are looking forward to hearing our pool frogs calling to each other, hoping that we have the same ones as last year which we could easily identify, they got quite used to us and showed no fear, we were allowed to get close to take photos of them.
We have also seen the first primroses and our hazel is full of catkins, hopefully we will get the nuts this year instead of the squirrels.
Our willow is also bursting with it's buds and the Camellias are blooming again.
I love spring, it is my favourite season, as is summer, with all the fruit, and then of course Autumn, with the mushrooms, so maybe it is just winter that is not my favourite season. But even winter has it's compensations, lovely wood fires, and the smell of the crispness of a frost on the air.