Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The soft fruit has done very well, we have been picking strawberries since March and the suckers which we transplanted are now in flower. We also have blackcurrant bushes, rhubarb and raspberries, it's a shame that the garlic has not done better.

Just about every thing grows well in Galicia, our main failure is garlic which might have been planted too deep.

Sunday we found where one of the hens had been for the last three weeks, sitting on eggs! so we now have an extra seven chicks, we just hope they survive our dogs cats and the various birds of prey, plus the pine martens, so far so good, but she has taken them into the field which is not a good idea. Zoe, the rabbit also gave birth last night, but we dont know how many she has yet.

Thing seem to be two weeks ahead of last year, this includes the weather, which is not as hot and we have had more rain, this does mean we dont have to water the garden so often, which is good, it also makes weeding easier. Already we have a glut of courgetts, and it looks as though we will have a mass of runner beans, the first ones are ready for picking.