Tuesday, 10 March 2009

At last the winter seems to have gone although we still are having light frosts, but the days are sunny and warm, Joe our helper had planted garlic for us which is now well up, and we had our first picking of rhubarb yesterday, the broad beans are at last planted, although not showing yet, but the mangetout are growing well in the tunnel.
The youngest member of the family a kitten called Zara has discovered that water is fun to play with, although she likes to remove things from the water, such as brussel sprouts or the washing up sponge which she treats as though it's something she has caught, she runs around with it, growling!
The weeds are now taking over, but Joe is hard at work weeding the old maize patch before it can be rotovated.
We still manage to have the odd day out, last weekend we had a trip to Pontevedra, with a great meal out with a friend and a little scenic de tour where we found some lovely mountain streams.