Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Cervantes also has a very unusual Church Tower.

Re- created Celtic Houses

Cervantes have a re-created Celtic village, the outline of the original village can be seen, but to get to it is a 12k hike. The views from here were breathtaking, although the drive was horrendous.

Springtime and nesting

Spring is now
here with the return of the storks who are nesting and even have young, the swallows and swifts have arrived and the first cuckoo past through a couple of days ago.
There seems to be more primroses this year, maybe due to the hard winter and there are masses of wild daffodils , we have yet to find out which type they are.
Most of our early plantings have been done which is just as well as I will be out of action for a few weeks due to a hernia operation, so it was a mad rush to get things into seed trays, and veg planted
Our next helper is due in a couple of days time and we are hoping she is as good as our last one, we have been very lucky with our helpers and have only had two in the last year that were of no use at all.
We still manage to get the odd day out to find more interesting places and a couple of weeks ago found a recreated Celtic village and, although the drive was hair raising, it was worth the effort. This is in a place called Cervantes near the Navia valley.
We have a mass of blossom on the peach trees this year so if we dont have any hard frosts or snow ,as we did last year, we should get quite a good crop, however we dont expect to get much in the way of apples due to bad pruning, we aren't even sure if the trees will survive, however the pears and plums and the newly planted cherries are looking good.