Friday, 15 January 2010

From snow to rain and now the temperatures are up to 10c during the day, none of this seems quite right. We had very strong winds two nights ago, up 125k an hour, we had no damage but other people have not been so lucky, one friend lost his chimney! A lot of trees are down, and advertising hoardings broken in half. So far we have had very little snow, but we have another two months of winter to get through yet, and we can see it in the distance on the Cantabrican mountains. A lot of people are still without electricity, but we have been lucky, I guess if we didn't have a generator on stand by we would have been amongst those who have lost power.
We had already planted blackcurrant bushes when we first moved here and they do very well here ,so now we have bought two redcurrants and a blueberry bush in the hope that they too will like it here. The only thing we dont have is gooseberries but as I have never had any success with them in the past we will give them a miss and just live with the memory of them.