Saturday, 12 September 2009

Summer's back

Just when I thought things were getting cooler at the start of the month with the first rain for weeks I was mistaken, the weather is even hotter, and at 6.30am last wed in Lugo it was 19 c. Lugo being several degrees cooler than here.
There are several people we know who are either on water restrictions or even worse, have no water at all.
We still have water and the garden gets watered every third day but really it needs a good downpour. The fruit and veg are still doing very well with lots of strawberries and raspberries, the first of the cauliflower are ready and this year for the first time ever we have grown garden peas as well as the mangetout.
Work is on hold for the next week as Simon is away, but the sun-room that he has started is three quarters done so hopefully that will be finished by the end of the month.