Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Spring is here

Work has had to come to a halt on the house and the garden has taken first place in our priorities, we have had our first feast of the rhubarb and I've even found some sprouting broccoli for tonight's diner. The last two days have been sunny although we did have a thunderstorm yesterday however, the ground is warm and workable, so work it we must. 25kg of potatoes have now been planted after the area was weeded from the dreaded vipers bugloss, a very pretty weed, but so invasive, then rotovated and compost added, the compost looks really good and is teaming with worms although it seems a shame to disturb the worms who were so warm and snug in the heap.
All the brassica seeds are now planted into modules, quite a time consuming job as I plant just one seed per plug but as organic seed is quite expensive and I mostly source it from the UK I dont want to waste the seed. It is quite easy to get organic seed here, but the selection is very limited and I have not found anything that would be considered unusual, carrots, cabbage and leaks plus salad crops are all that appear to be available, so I depend on Chase organics for my seed, a company that I have used for years and I find the seeds very reliable.
The broad beans are looking good, although that was something that we had to buy another packet of, we found that in the first packet the seeds had been attacked by woodworm! still I guess that it proved that the seeds were untreated, let me hasten to add these were not seeds from Chase! The cabbages have all overwintered very well so come May we will probably be eating cabbage every day.
Chirper and Cheeper the gosling and wee hen are now outside although still confined, the big geese have shown interest in them, but somewhat aggressively, probably because they are very busy laying eggs although not showing any interest in sitting their eggs, when the incubator is free we will set some goose eggs and see what happens this time.