Thursday, 18 June 2009

I'm sure that somewhere there must be the perfect climate that remains consistent, however, until we find this Utopia, Galicia seems a fair compromise. In the past three weeks we have had temperatures of 18c up to 30c, heavy rain for six days, a few overcast days and the rest very hot. Some of our seeds have failed to germinate at all, and the ones that have, including weeds have gone mad.

Our last good helper Joe, will be please to hear that the potatoes he so lovingly planted are doing well, and we have far less Colorado beetle this year although we have to check them on a daily basis.

The maize is doing well and all the root crops. Things like the spinach and onions are not faring so well with such a variation in temperatures, but hey, you cant have everything.

Although the overcast days are best for working there is always something that can be done,whatever the weather, helpers please note!

Our next litter of rabbits are due today, and as Lucy, the doe saw fit to upturn her feed bowl as soon as I fed her this morning I suspect she might be telling me something, although I have yet to learn rabbit speak.