Thursday, 9 October 2008

Most things seem to grow here, although we probaly didn't grow enough potatoes, here we have parsnip, onion, carrots, potatoes and celery, now to make the stew.

Now we have a helper from the Channel Islands, he is doing a very good job strimming and have brought the stinging nettles back under control.

We have now said farewell to our helpers Carl and Lauren, they were with us for just over two months and did fantastic work, Lauren having no fear of heights has pointed half of the house and Carl laid all our tiles for the new kitchen/ dining room and made a super job of laying a patio of the old roof slates.

We now have two new arrivals, the rabbits, Lucky ['cause he didn't get eaten], and Lucy, hopefully they will breed for us and provide our protein for next year. We have had rabbits before, the only ones in the world that didn't know what to do, so maybe we will have more luck this time. They are being very carefully guarded by Robson, our Jack Russel he thinks they are his.

All of our veg have done well with the exception of the swede, we will try again next year. the first parsnips that were dug were huge, weighing in at 2kg, but they were at the end of the row, so had more space, the others are better size at threequaters kg.

This weekend we hope to harvest the maize, subject to the weather.