Sunday, 17 August 2008

Fiesta Day, Traditional Galician music and dancing

A magic stone in the woods

This was animal housing under the house, soon to be our new living room

We now have a very productive vegetable garden

The garden for leisure

There are over 30 types of Orchid in Galicia, this a Tongue Orchid

One day these little bundles of fluff will have young , destined for the table

And this was how our bedroom turned out just four months later.

The house was derelict for many years and we sure had running water! This was to become our bedroom

Galicia is a place of mountains valleys and rivers, and very green in more ways than one

Chicken in the Woods
August has been a very mixed month weather wise, the first half of the month we had to water the veg daily, but it has now turned much cooler. We had a very heavy thunder storm two days ago, and water flooded our newly tiled floor, done by Carl, a wonder helper who ,with his girl friend Lauren have been with us for three weeks. we picked our first REAL runner beans yesterday, the type you get in the UK, not the flavourless spanish ones, what joy!
It's not all work here though, Aug, being the month of fiestas has given us all a chance to see and enjoy the local crafts and produce, and the Galician dancing and music.