Saturday, 20 December 2008

One week on from the big snowfall and things are now returning to normal, last Monday we attempted to get into our local village but found the road was blocked by fallen trees, so Simon went out with the chain saw and removed four big trees that were across the road, we then tried again to get to the village to find a 50ft tree across the road and on the electricty cable, which accounted for us still having no mains electricty two days on, so back home again. Then a police car came down the lane, they must have been contacted by one of the locals, and power was restored about four hours later.
What we have learnt by this is that although we no longer live on campo, if you live in a very rural area you do need a generator, a chain saw and a four wheel drive, also a deep freeze is a very good idea.
Although snow might look very romantic on cards, it can do an incredible amount of damage, this last fall has devastated half the forest just up the road, no wonder wood for log burners is cheap, we have been assured that this weather is not normal, so we will put it down to climate change, not global warming!