Wednesday, 4 November 2009

We love photographing fungi, just a small selection of the ones we found yesterday.

It's just a shame we cant find any pixies in the woods.

Sunday was all Souls Day, for the previous week or more all the shops were full of Chrysanthemum plants and the farmers market on Friday was just a sea of flowers, although this day is celebrated in Ireland it is a far quieter affair. Halloween is also celebrated big time with lots of parties, and the shops full of spooky gear.
On the first of each month there is a big market held in Monterosso, and the one for November is huge with just about everything for sale except geese! Yes, we are again on the wild goose chase, the two we had bought earlier in the year as male are in fact female, so we are back to searching for a husband for them, when we get one I just hope he doesn't find it too much having seven wives.
On the first of each month we meet up with other expats in a hotel in Monterosso, mainly British but one Russian lady as well, it struck me that the landlady there must find us very strange as we sit there drinking tea and coffee or maybe a coke, I cant imagine a group of Spanish just drinking soft drinks when they only meet up once a month.

The weather is now mild and damp, just the right weather for mushrooming, we have found six types of highly edible ones, plus many very pretty ones which are not.Hopefully the weather will stay as it is for a little longer so we can pick enough mushrooms for drying.