Saturday, 29 August 2009

Lessons of growing older

When we are young we think we can do everything, but have no need to do so, when we get older we still think we can do everything, and have the need to do so and then find we cant!
The weather has got a little cooler this week making it bearable to work outside, so I thought I could get on with repairing a wall and pointing the same , the first day things went quite well, I was only pointing, just a little back ache, day two was replacing stones in the wall, to be more accurate rebuilding it in places, I now cant move my back and walking is pure hell! I have managed to trap the sciatic nerve, I know from past experience that the only treatment is rest, not something that I'm too good at, but as Simon is away to the UK in ten days time and I have a farm to run on my own whilst he's away it's what I have to do, so the wall will have to wait, it wont fall down and it's been like it for a couple on century's, the veg will have to compete with the weeds, but the veg are well established, and things will just have to wait, including myself.

Meanwhile the strawberries and raspberries keep on producing, plus all the veg.