Thursday, 24 June 2010

The stork is one of our more welcome visitors, we just hope he is eating the crickets and not our frogs and toads.
It's hard to believe that the year is half over, I'm not sure what happened to the first six months, but we are now suffering a heat wave, well I guess we have to complain about something, we are having to water the garden and tunnels every day, The solstice has now gone, although there seems to be differing dates for this,with most sources quoting the 21st June this year, here in Galicia they celebrated it on the 23rd, with the usual noise and very loud fireworks erupting till the wee small hours, around 3am in the case of our local village.
Beside the vast array of predators that we have we also have some friendly wildlife, we have two resident pool frogs who go in for croaking competitions, and several toads, all welcome. One of the local storks is a frequent visitor to our field, eating we hope, field crickets. The raspberries are now ready, but unfortunately the canes have got completely out of hand, we will have to have a rethink on our fruit cage as our blackcurrants bushes are huge, they are trying to become trees but are laden with fruit.
The roses this year are wonderful and the air is sweetly perfumed with them. Our new chicks are doing well but I'm very nervous about putting them out into the ark, this is something else that we must rethink.