Wednesday, 13 May 2009

We are somewhat mystified as to why a Church should have a carving of a cannibal on the arch of the doorway!

The patio, created by one of our helpers last year is now looking lovely.

A lovely cove and wild flowers.

At last we have moved into the new sitting room, we had to get a move on as we had a friend arriving, nothing like having visitors to focus the mind, we have had some lovely days out. and at last have made it to the coast which is quite dramatic and has wonderful flora.

Things have been a little slow for the last few weeks, although we have had some good weather, by and large it has been colder and wetter than usual, so planting has either been delayed or what has been planted is very slow. Although the potatoes are looking good, and we have been picking strawberries for the last couple of weeks we have also made a start on planting the maize.