Sunday, 28 March 2010

Spring really is here, we saw the first swallows today but so far we have not heard the cuckoo, the peaches are now in bloom, just hoping we dont get any frosts now other wise we will loose the crop. The strawberries are in bloom in the tunnel so we should be eating them in the next few weeks the broad beans and leeks and cabbages are all fairing well and so far no slug damage no doubt this will change soon then back to the wonderful job of slug picking, I'm sure they must have some use in the greater scheme of things but we have yet to work out what.

The building work on the independent accommodation is coming on quite well with a new interior wall built and the lintel in place for the archway, it should be good when it's finished but I'm not putting any date on this job, when it's done it's done!Still it's quite exciting planning the new decor and once it's done we only have one more job scheduled, but this will probably change, these things normally do, no doubt we will find another project.