Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Renewing driving licences in Spain has been quite an experience, we went first to the traffic department in Lugo, explained what we wanted [ at least I think we did] and showed them our nearly expired licences. They in exchange gave us a list of papers that we would need to renew, this turned out to be a load of bunkum. All that is needed is your old licence, two photos, and the astronomical fee, the rest is done by computer, including filling out the form. We then found out that it is not in fact the traffic department that process the whole thing, however, we managed to find the correct place, and duly got processed. We then asked how long would it be for the new licences to arrive, three to four weeks, ah yes, but this is Spain, it turned out to be six weeks, this meant that Simon who was visiting the UK could not get a hire car, so his whole journey in the UK has been done on public transport, very good from the environmental point of view, not so good from a financial and time point of view. He only had seven days there, to visit his mother for her ninety eighth birthday, three of these seven days has been spent traveling, it is understandable why the UK keep building yet more motorways, they just dont have a good or affordable transport system.
One thing that Simon is bringing back are some hatching egg of Buff Orpingtons, a duel purpose bird, so hopefully we might be able to get a breeding stock going and then chicken can be back on the menu.