Monday, 18 October 2010

Wedding cakes and tomato puree

Our beef goulash with lyonnaise potatoes went down very well and our guests were full of praise, we followed it with crepes filled with fresh raspberries and topped with our home made yoghurt, this is delicious and makes a nice change from the normal lemon topping.
Sunday was spent catching up in the garden, the weather still being warm, we have pruned most of the blackcurrant bushes and taken cuttings for anyone of our friends who want them, we have also made a start expanding the fruit cage and have transplanted thirty raspberry canes, they had done a take over bid of the fruit cage and were smothering our rhubarb, this has now been transplanted into the veg garden, after all it is a veg and not a fruit, we then took stock of what the mice- voles etc have left us with root veg wise, not a lot, once again we are feeding the wild life of Galicia. I have planted more carrots in the tunnel other wise we will be having no carrot cake at all, they have left us a few parsnips, some carrots and we have a few small swede, the leeks bolted this year, it was just too dry, but we have plenty of cabbage and kale plus cauliflower and broccoli.
A friend very kindly has lent us some small jars so I have been able to make nine jars of tomato puree.
Today has been spent making a wedding cake for friends of ours, normally we don't ice our rich fruit cakes as neither of us like icing,but we both have a passion for marzipan, however these are special people so the cake will be iced for them. I did have to get eggs from a friend for the cake as it takes a lot of eggs, it was interesting to compare the difference between her eggs and ours, although her hens are free range they are fed on GM feed, ours are just getting wheat and barley, the yokes are however much brighter colour with the non GM fed hens.