Thursday, 23 July 2009

Yesterday we had long awaited heavy rain, the garden needed a good drenching, however, at 4am this morning I was awoken by the sound of funneling wind, I heard things crashing but was not prepared for the sight of our maize crop being flattened, from the sight of the crop it would seem that we had a mini tornado which has flattened the centre of the crop, it remains to be seen if we can do anything about it over the weekend.

Adding insult to injury the wind had blown open the tunnel door, the hens took full advantage of this and decided that dust bathing in the middle of the lettuces was a good idea, so we have to plant

more lettuce, might just eat the hens instead!


Bette Noire said...

Sorry about the corn. Impressive onions though - and spiders. Ew.

Where do you get your seeds? What else do you have planted?


Renovation in Galicia said...

A lot of our seeds are bought from our local agricultural store, things such as lettuce, carrots, all the beans and peas and beetroot,chard and spinach leeks and are all organic. Things such as swede, parsnip,salsify, physalis,and scorzonera we have to send for from the UK. We buy plantlets of most of the brassicas and celery from the farmers market as we have not found a good seed compost. we also grow potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes.