Wednesday, 22 July 2009

It's RAINING!!! after two months of virtually no rain we are celebrating, watering the veg every other day does not compensate for a good downpour. Perhaps the rain dance done by a friend has worked, not so good for her though, she's still waiting for a new roof.!

Although it means we cant work outside, I can get on with planting and weeding in the tunnels and Simon might get some logs cut.

We had experimented with growing onions in a tunnel this year, they were planted by one of our helpers in Jan, the result has been great with an average weight of 1lb 3oz or in new money 517grams, we have now harvested them and are drying them in a barn before plaiting them, so cheers Simon H.

We had made two further plantings in the garden, but they are no where near as large , but we are hopeful that we wont run out of them this year. i think we might try growing the garlic in a tunnel with the strawberries next year, as it's not done very well outside, maybe the soil was not rich enough.

There is still no sign of the incubator, and appears to be stuck in Belgium.

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Dawn Hawkins said...

Rain dance services are available on request. I am worried about your incubater though do you think that there is such a thing as a safe delivery dance or is that a step too far?