Saturday, 9 January 2010

Happy New Year to one and all.
With the new year comes new life, we now have twin female kids born a week ago. Unfortunately the mother is one of our older goats and she had no milk for them so we have two wee things which we are bottle feeding, so much for having kid meat to eat!. The father is a young billy and young billy's seem to sire females. Our youngest cat rather had her nose put out of joint with these things demanding time from us, but she quickly got over it and now pretends they aren't here.
We feel as though spring is not far away despite the snow on the ground and have at last placed our seed order, a bit experimental this year, we are having a go at celeriac and Florance fennel, we have never seen these seeds on sale here, or the veg themselves so we will see what happens.
All the onions and garlic are planted in a tunnel, the onions last year did particularly well in the tunnel so we are hoping the garlic will as well.


Ian and Luis said...

You seem to be having a great time out there in Galicia - we're here in Asturias and doing the same but on a much smaller scale at the moment.

Bette Noire said...

Those little girls are the cutest! Do they have names or just Kid 1 and Kid 2? Glad you´re keeping warm and getting through the winter weather.

Congratulations on the progress on the house. It looks great!

Happy New Year!