Saturday, 9 January 2010

For years we have wanted to skip Christmas, this year we nearly managed it.

Although it's good to have a celebration in the middle of winter it's all the commercialisation that comes with Xmas, although in Spain it's not quite so bad as in Ireland or the UK, it's fast getting that way.

The first Christmas lights were up in the shopping centres at the beginning of Nov.

Christmas eve we made a concession with some holly and ivy to decorate a small area in the dining room.

Christmas day we went for a Chinese meal with some friends, and St Stevens day we had a nice meal followed by a Xmas pud I had made last year, and of course a bottle of wine, on the 27th we had some friends over for a meal. That was our skipping Xmas, maybe we can manage to really skip it next year, like a school report, we could do better. Maybe we will just celebrate Yule Tide on the solstice.

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Caterina B said...

I just found your blog. It looks very interesting! I totally agree about skipping the dreaded "holidays." This year we did no gifts at all. We did have a nice Christmas dinner. We love to cook and have friends over for dinner so that was no problem. I have thought about celebrating the Winter Solstice instead, as you suggested.
The problem is, when you have kids, even if they are grown, they still expect all the "bells and whistles" but we are slowly getting them accustomed.