Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wild flowers

We have both always had a keen interest in wild flora and fauna and in fact my husband along with his sisters used to collect samples for the artist, Barbara Nicholson who was an illustrator for Oxford University press. I when at boarding school had the nick name of ditch watcher, if there was something unusual to be found I would spot it. We normally manage to identify the plants that we spot, but sometimes we do draw a blank. Here we have the wild Gladioli and a mystery plant. Growing just above a river, standing over two metres tall, with an distinct aroma we have been unable to identify it.

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Louise said...

I really have enjoyed reading your blog and I am just going to move to Galicia too. Just got up to the part where you leave! Nooooo. Thats too bad. Any horrendous reason? May I ask, did you find a good bilingual gestoria while you were in Galicia?