Tuesday, 31 May 2011


The rain over the weekend has cooled things down and it is now a nice comfortable temperature about 18c, if however we believe the forecast it is going to get hot again. Anyway, I'm sure that the rain and a couple of days cooler temperatures will have done the gardens a lot of good, weeds as well, still you can't have everything.It is very hard not having a garden here to work in, knowing what needs to be done, and wondering how our newly started garden in Ireland is faring, at least it shouldn't curl up and die due to no rain and hot sun. We sit here planing all the things that need to be done when we get back, or should that be 'what' we want to get done? It's now only six weeks until we go but six weeks seems a very long time when you are waiting.


Coco said...

So beautiful. Do they self seed? Never had any luck with poppies.

Renovation in Galicia said...

I photographed these in a friends garden, she just chucked the seed in four years ago and each year they reappear. I also have never been lucky with poppies which is a shame as it's one of my favourite flowers, will try again in Ireland.