Monday, 20 September 2010

The Big Secret

Our next helper is not due for a few weeks, it would appear from her emails that she is well travelled and likes to use public transport, before she comes to us she will be staying in another part of Galicia and had wished to travel to us by bus. We have tried to get the necessary information for her via the internet.
Although the bus companies have web sites, none appear to publish time tables. This appears to be a great 'State Secret', they give information as to the fleet of buses and the fact that you can get discounts, even pictures of their offices, nice to see that they have desks and chairs,one has a picture of a road with their bus on it,maybe to reassure you that they do have a bus, but no time tables!
We have come across this problem before when wanting to travel from our village to Lugo, it appears that to find out the times we have to go to the bus station in Lugo and ask there, there are several companies that operate within Galicia, but the information is only obtainable from the different kiosks at the bus station, often these are only manned for twenty minutes before a bus is due to leave.
Last year we also had a problem in trying to get the train time table, the only way to get this was to have a password to enter the website, this has now been changed, but it did result in us taking a plane for an internal journey, not very eco friendly.
Tourism has always been a big part of Spain's economy and it does have quite a good public transport system. So come on Galicia, get your act together and publish the times of transport, don't be so shy, people do want to use it.


lozabeth said...

Hey, nice cauliflower! And interesting video, scary stuff. Nearly finished seeds of deception, brilliant book, like you say, really informative but also accessible and understandable. Sounds like you've got lots going on and I'm happy you've finally beaten the pine martin!! xx

Renovation in Galicia said...

Well we think we have beaten the pine martin, but have had one chick taken by a bird of prey, just one part of the run didn't have overhead netting and of course it was one of the Buffs, and last Friday, our day out, our black hen, Hun disappeared. So the wild life still prevails.