Saturday, 22 August 2009

Re-assuring [ Car insurance] and the Fat Cats.

When we first moved to Spain we came with our original vehicle, our insurance from Ireland covered us for six months, we had intended to keep this Nissan Urvan , but as it was a commercial vehicle ,re- registering it would have been a long and expensive procedure, so we decided it would be best to buy a Spanish registered car, we asked around to find a garage who had a good reputation, found the car that we needed and the garage arranged the transfer of ownership and the insurance, which although was higher than we were used to didn't seem too bad, the following year we found that the premiums had increased considerably so went to our local 'gestoria' he was an agent for several companies and got us a good deal.
Then we moved to Galicia and although we had informed the 'gestoria' of this fact several times we have never received updated insurance details showing our new address, although we had contacted the company directly, we were told we had to go through the 'gestoria', so it was the never ending circle.
Now the insurance is due for renewal the beginning of Sept and our bank had informed us that they were now doing car insurance, so we asked then to give us a quote, this took a week to arrive and when we had stopped laughing, we thanked them and said NO THANKS! It was 120% higher than we had been paying. So we did what sensible people do and asked the other Brits in the area, we were given the name of three company's, one of which we tried to get a quote on line, after half an hour of filling forms the reply came up that we would have to phone them, so we did and were told that they would phone us back with an English speaker, well ,we are still waiting, however, as we always go into Lugo on a Friday we popped into one of the other recommended agencies, although she spoke no English and our Spanish is not good, within five minutes she had the quote, it has better coverage than we had before and was forty euros cheaper! We left with a smile on our faces, and celebrated with a cup of coffee. We are now pondering as to why the bank quote should have been 150% more, or is this going towards the Fat Cats bonuses ?
The one thing we have learnt living in Spain is always to asked around, normally within the Brit community after all, we all face the same problems and someone will have the answers.

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cmos said...

I find it shameful that being here for years still do not speak Spanish, I hope that galicia not become a ghetto and in the south and east of Spain, and you are one arrogant, you think your john is better than others, the truth of every country you visit England is the worst, nasty people you ask and do not usually answer, I sincerely hope that this does not get worse and that you may be south or east of Spain .. that England is not what it was 20 years ago, and you bring no money You give the cheapest, and thus can not be doing business with you, and we have to put up the arrogance, typical English, Galician and I'm not like that I look over my shoulder, do not come over here please, do not come to mess our ancestral land the first kingdom of Europe Swabian kingdom, and we did enough damage to the Spanish, taking away our private habits and our race pure Celtic, I do not see any advantage in that you moved here, he knows who was Maria Pita, if lifting the head xD