Monday, 27 July 2009

Having lived in Spain for over five years we are still traditional with the Sunday roast. The veg are of course fresh from the garden, roast potatoes, carrots and french beans, the beef we always buy from our local butcher, his beef all comes from local farms, all within 10k of his shop, he is so well respected for his beef that a lot of it is sold to the restaurants in Madrid. The horseradish sauce is still Colman's, we are however now growing it, but must wait until next year before we start harvesting it. We were minus the Yorkshire puds this week as I had left Simon in charge.

The first batch of plum and fig chutney has turned out better than I thought it would, it is a very good combination , nice and spicy, look out Branston!


Ian said...

Plum and fig chutney sounds delicious, we have a large but barren fig tree so we planted some new ones this spring that should produce in a year or two, our fruit trees are also too young to be producing yet but I may be looking for some chutney recipes in the near future..actually we have friends with thousands of Kiwis on the way - have you tried making any Kiwi chutney?

Renovation in Galicia said...

No, although I guess it would be good, but as Kiwi store quite well and have a higher vitamin c content than oranges it seems a bit of a waste especially as the harvest is in the lean time of year for fresh fruit.