Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

1 st January. Happy New Year to all our past helpers, and to all our future ones.

My New years resolution is simple, Forget any Deadlines, we had hoped to be in our new kitchen by Xmas [which one I ask] then we thought that just maybe by New Years Eve, well it didn't happen, Simon has spent a couple of days trying to connect up the main water pipes to the new, but kept getting leaks, well more like mini lakes really, but this is outside, so no damage has been done, at last he now has a tight seal ,so just one more pipe to be connected to the hot water tank, and fingers crossed, we might have the C/H up and running.

I have now done the tiling on the work top, so I have to grout it and then get the edging trim on, there is still the new electric ring main to connect up, then maybe we will once again have a large kitchen, and I can finally finish unpacking.
We have now been renovating for twenty months, and it is not something we would ever do again, our last house took us just ten months to build, and that was from scratch, it also cost us half of this renovation job. Still, we are getting there slowly, and then we will have to concentrate on the outside jobs, hopefully we might get good helpers this year as well, last year all barring one were great, so many thanks to you all, and we hope to see some of you again for a holiday.

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