Sunday, 9 November 2008

I'm not sure what happened to Oct, I know it came, but it also went very quickly, our last helper Chris did a great job harvesting the maize and then hanging it up in the big barn, and we hope we have enough for all our livestock for the winter months. We also had a start made on the fruit tree pruning, we only found out during the last week that Chris was with us that he knew how to prune, just wish we had known before.

We now are at the stage of one step forward and two steps back! When Simon cut a hole to get the new hot water tank into the attic he found that many of the old ceiling boards needed replacing, so the new water system is now on hold while we replace the last ceiling, all the others have been done, my part in this is painting all the new boards, a job I hate, and again the work on the garden is on hold. Still most of our veg have done very well this year, and we have even had a yellow carrot! all from the same packet, and Organic seed, I guess it was the one that got away.

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